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These stories near Alturas, California are part of a series in production for Plumas Bank. Through personal stories, the Bank is showing how its Ag Lenders are making a difference for the ranchers and farmers they serve.

This is a creative approach to the popular trend of thrifting. It's filmed more like a fashion film with teen models.

This film profiles two clients at a Reno, Nevada sober living facility to show how Catholic Charities really helps to positively change lives.

This explainer video uses a creative approach - the voice of an 11 year old experiencing an
outdoor science program that connects kids to nature. 

This real life story of a young cancer patient's journey to live beyond her setbacks and treatments shows hope in fighting this disease.

Be personal. Create fans by telling your story through your patrons' experiences. This foster-to-adopt story highlights the positive experience with a foster care program.

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